Eachone of you might be in a different stages of business life cycle at present. Some might be in Strategic transformation stage re-aligning your direction towards a targeted goal and some might be in performance transformation refining the internal systems of company enabling it to maximize the potential.

We partner with you irrespective of your current position in the journey and either work with you to decide on strategic moves through our consulting approach or put in place the performance measures tailored for your organization, measure and improve upon the KPIs through our list of services.

Strategic Transformation

Your Core Competency + Suitable Technological Innovation = New You

While planning Strategic transformations, we consider the innovations disrupting the market and work with you to create an approach embracing your core competency with Available technological advancements, thereby making your company future ready.

Teams Strategic Transformation methodology is built on these basic principles:

  • Considering Leadership Vision: Objectives are designed as long-term solutions, not only Quick wins.
  • Knowledge transfer: We train you and your staff and facilitate to retain the skills and carryout the journey.
  • Leadership/ TEI: We work with your entire team to gain buy-in and foster collaboration and Total Employee Involvement
  • Sustainability: We give you the tools you need to maintain the improvements you've achieved


Our Approach has enabled us to achieve breakthrough improvements with our customers ranging 20 to 50% . Our Consulting team has got experience across he geography and industries like Aero / Medical / Process / Automotive / Industrial Products and off highway vehicle industries.

To us, Lean is more than just eliminating waste. Done right, Lean changes organizations, delivering real results that spur greater transformations.

Teams delivers faster results and lasting improvement. We meet the milestone required by clients and transform the plant in agreed timelines.

Performance Transformation

Your Strengths & Your Vision + Our Process Optimization Knowledge = High Performing You

We depute our Engineers and consultants in your organization, work with you and understand your systems and processes before planning any performance transformation

We understand from the ground on the strengths of organization and the opportunities for improvement, discuss with your leadership on the vision and decide the KPIs to Focus on and improve.

Services for Performance Transformation

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  • Market Research – Benchmarking & VoC
  • Ideation, Industrial & Concept Design
  • Component, Module and/or Product design
  • Plastics Engineering and Moldflow analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • FEA / CFD
  • Packaging
  • Proto Build
  • Verification & Validation
  • TechPub
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Production Engg
  • PFD
  • Control Plan
  • Work Instructions
  • Process Layout
  • Process Modifications
  • BOM verification
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Jigs & Fixtures and Tooling
  • Tool Design
  • Modeling & Detailing
  • Manufacturing BOM
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Validation thru simulation
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QRM enabled Layout
  • Assembly Layout
  • Machine Selection
  • Work cell design & optimization
  • Rack/ Trolley/ Design
  • Containerization
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Lean @ Launch
  • Assembly Layout
  • Machine Selection
  • Work cell design & optimization
  • Rack/ Trolley/ Design
  • Containerization
  • Warehouse Design
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Digital Simulation
  • Plant Simulation
  • Human Simulation
  • Robot Simulation
  • Product Assembly validation
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Automation & Industrie 4.0
  • PLC, HMI, Drives & SCADA programming
  • control system design
  • O&M Manuals
  • Wiring Drawing